We provide Community Focused renewable energy solutions

Together we can make an impact. We are experts in helping communities switch to renewable energy. With no upfront costs, we provide funding and manage an end to end solution for your community. Including installation on your roof, performance monitoring, and ongoing maintenance. 

What Could You Achieve?

Bright Energy provides a solution which aims to assist your community to save large amounts of time and money, whilst making a social and environmental impact in your community. Supporting you to reduce carbon emissions with lower and cleaner energy bills and enable you to allocate more money towards your vision, your community, and your organisation goals..

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4 Simple Steps

1. Questionnaire

Complete the Bright Energy questionnaire to see what your building could achieve with solar panels.

2. Analyse

We meet with you to visit your building and design a solar system with pricing options you can choose from to meet your needs.

3. Install

The installation is then paid for by the BE Community Fund, while we supply, install and manage the system ongoing.

4. Monitor

You receive a monthly bill from us with lower, cleaner energy costs. While we monitor the solar system ongoing, ensuring your system continues to operate safely and deliver the expected savings.

It has never been easier to make a positive impact on your community!