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Q. How long will I be under contract for if i signup for Bright Energy to install and manage my solar system?

A. There are several options for the length of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and these options are determined by variables such as your current grid energy prices, energy usage, system size and quality of the solar resource at your site. Opportunities to purchase the system outright before the end of the PPA exist in certain cases and can easily be discussed with us. 

Q. How can I monitor my energy usage?

A. Bright Energy will provide you with access to a customised dashboard, showing you real-time generation data and how much grid energy is being displaced by your system. We will ensure this information readily available, easily understood and in a manner that is teachable. If you’re a school, you can use this as an educational resource to teach future generations on the benefits of solar and clean energy, as well as your individual role played in seeking clean energy.

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Q. What support do I get after our solar panels & system are installed?

A. Bright Energy will provide ongoing monitoring, analytics, and maintenance of your system throughout the contract. This is to ensure that any performance issues that may arise are addressed by us, as well as ensuring that your system is generating all the energy that it is supposed to and that you are saving as much money on your energy bills as possible.

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Q. How does my Solar System get paid for?

A. Bright Energy itself is funded by investors who are mission-aligned in ensuring community participants are enabled to gain access to quality, world-class solar solutions that are aimed at saving community participants money on their energy bills over the long term.
Bright Energy pays the lump sum, upfront cost of financing your solar system and recovers its investment through the energy that is generated which you pay for over the course of your contract. The cost of energy to you should be lower than what you will be paying for from the grid, and is at a price point which pays Bright Energy for oversight, management, monitoring and maintenance of your system over the term of the contract, leaving you with one less thing to worry about! 

It’s a “win win win” scenario where everyone benefits!


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Q.What are all the costs are involved with installing & running solar on a school, church or community building?

A. Simply put, no upfront costs for the solar system. Bright Energy finances the entire design and build of the system, and once the system is up and running, you will simply pay for the power generated from the system to Bright Energy as owners of the system, via a contract known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). There are several options for the length of the PPA, and these options are determined by variables such as your current grid energy prices, energy usage, system size and quality of the solar resource at your site. Once the term of your PPA is finished, the system is yours to keep, and every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy generated is essentially free!

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Q. How does the Bright Energy process work for installing solar in schools, churches & community buildings?

A. Bright Energy’s managed solution connects communities (and their assets), community investors and solar installers, enabling your community to produce low-cost solar electricity and benefit from the positive impacts that come with financial savings, learning opportunities, and cleaner energy. We develop, provide funding and manage a Solar solution for your organisation or community asset, including installation on your roof, performance monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

Follow our simple 4 step process to see what your community could achieve with solar

Step 1 – Complete Questionnaire
Complete the Bright Energy questionnaire www.Bright.Energy/Questions to see what your building could achieve with a solar system.

Step 2 – Analyse
We meet with you to visit your site and design a solar system with pricing options you can choose from to meet your needs.

Step 3 – Install
The installation is then paid for by the Bright Energy Fund, while we supply, install and manage the system ongoing.

Step 4 – Monitor
You receive a monthly (or alternate frequency) bills from us for the term of your contract, with lower, cleaner energy costs. While we monitor the solar system ongoing, ensuring your system continues to operate safely and deliver the expected savings.

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