How does the process work for installing solar?

Q. How does the Bright Energy process work for installing solar in schools, churches & community buildings?

A. Bright Energy’s managed solution connects communities (and their assets), community investors and solar installers, enabling your community to produce low-cost solar electricity and benefit from the positive impacts that come with financial savings, learning opportunities, and cleaner energy. We develop, provide funding and manage a Solar solution for your organisation or community asset, including installation on your roof, performance monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

Follow our simple 4 step process to see what your community could achieve with solar

Step 1 – Complete Questionnaire
Complete the Bright Energy questionnaire www.Bright.Energy/Questions to see what your building could achieve with a solar system.

Step 2 – Analyse
We meet with you to visit your site and design a solar system with pricing options you can choose from to meet your needs.

Step 3 – Install
The installation is then paid for by the Bright Energy Fund, while we supply, install and manage the system ongoing.

Step 4 – Monitor
You receive a monthly (or alternate frequency) bills from us for the term of your contract, with lower, cleaner energy costs. While we monitor the solar system ongoing, ensuring your system continues to operate safely and deliver the expected savings.